Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I like my beer hot

  I am sure that many of you were on the verge of deleting Beer Culture from your bookmarks. Thinking this was just another one of my many adventures that I half start and never finish, just as things were starting to get interesting. In fact, I was only letting your faith in my drinking and writing skills almost completely diminish in order to prove you all wrong! Besides, I have been mentally keeping my blog updated!!

  Since my last update I have changed jobs, schools, and hair color. My beer tastes have pretty much stayed the same. In the job department, I left managing Pizza Fusion for a less stressful serving position at The Misfit. The restaurant has been open for a little over two weeks and seems to have a lot of potential. As for school, I got accepted into UCLA and plan to start taking summer courses in August. I am majoring in Anthropology (hence the blog name Beer Culture) and minoring in Environmental Systems and Society. I have a decent amount of residency paperwork to fill out proving I actually live in California. Oh joy! Can I send them a picture of my hair that was starting to turn orange from all of the California sun as proof? Not to worry, Rene at Carlton Hair is a pro at turning my awkward hair color (thanks Mom) into a natural brown curly mop. Speaking of brown, in case you were wondering, my poops have been regular!

  Back to the real reason that I wake up to go to work for a paycheck... to buy and drink beer! I have done a lot of beer drinking since my last post, and I have decided to pick out some highlights of the past two months for this post.
There was a recent homebrew competition at Hangar 24 Brewing Company in Redlands, CA. Of course, Austin and I  find out about this competition the day that the beers are supposed to be submitted. This would not have been a problem if Redlands was not 88 miles away and we were not driving on The 10 (yes, that is what we call it here) during rush hour traffic, which are between the hours of 8AM-10AM and 2PM-7PM. Being the awesome girlfriend and person I am, and knowing how tasty Austin's recent batches of beer have been, I got up early the next morning and drove trafficless to Redlands California to drop off three of our home-brews. Austin had been in correspondence with someone at the brewery to make sure it was okay to submit them a day late, thankfully it was. All of the driving and hour long lunch break I spent at the brewery with a tasty DIPA, double India Pale Ale, paid off. Check out categories 21 and 23 for the results.

Hangar 24

  We recently got a package from Colorado containing Twisted Pine Brewing's Ghost Face Killah, which is as awesome as it sounds. The beer is brewed with ghost chilies and claims to be the hottest beer in the world. The first bottle we opened had a very earthy smell and was not near as hot as we anticipated. However, the second bottle we drank at a later date definitely had some burn. The guy who sent the package also threw in a Billy's Chillies which is a beer that Delia, Austin, Chris and I tried at the brewery on our brewery tour for my 21st birthday. The base is a wheat beer that is infused with Serrano, Habenero, Jalapeno, Anaheim, and Fresno chili peppers. The spicy pepper aroma is more intense than the flavor. All in all, a really good beer that would go great with Mexican food. I just wish that Delia and Chris were out here to drink it with us. 

I will try to post more frequently and include some fun photos. Have a lovely day! 

Current beer: Great Divide, Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti 
Current music: Led Zeppelin, Four Sticks 
Current book: Oscar Zeta Acosta, "The Revolt of the Cockroach People" 

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  1. i love your blog style & i'm glad your poops have been regular :)