Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring(I need a)Break, Staycation 2011

A quick update from my last post... The beer arrived safely with only one causality from the Captain Lawrence Smoked from the Oak Series. I was tempted to wring out Austin's clothes for a sample, but I know Austin and hygiene pretty well and decided to skip the dirty clothes cocktail. However, they did smell deliciously like an oak aged beer.

The past weekend/week my best friend from Georgia, Kendra, came to visit us for her Spring break. She hasn't been out here in about three years and was much overdue for a trip. Where to begin? I am on the verge of complete exhaustion just thinking about how much we fit into five days, without every really leaving the Westside of LA. Thankfully, Kendra has already come out here twice with me to experience all the popular touristy shit you have to do at least once. Which meant we got to just hang out, drink a lot of beer, and eat ourselves into a carb coma every night. We managed to eat out for every meal, as well as consume some type of's Spring Breakkkk!!! We hit up a lot of happy hour, went to the taping of the Chelsea Lately Show, which had the power-hungry desperate loser Security Guards you only see in movies that were trying to find a way to kick me and several others out of the show (I never realized I was that threatening to be rowdy, or as he put it "Don't try to deceive me, or I will throw you out!!!"all because he said my mesh purse may or may not fit under the seat....which IT DID!!!)  Did I mention we drank a lot of alcohol on Kendra's trip? Because we did A LOT of that. The weather finally proved to be all that you would expect for Southern California. We got to watch the sunset cloud free and under the influence of cheap pitchers of Lagunitas IPA, at TheWailer in Marina Del Rey. I also took Kendra and Frank on a hike to one of my favorite spots in Malibu, Solstice Canyon. It was the perfect cure for a hangover after days of indulging on cheesy appetizers and beer at every cute little bar/restaurant in a six mile radius of my home. We went to Bay Cities Deli for the famous Godmother Italian Sub after sweating out some of the toxins from the previous night on our 2 mile hike overlooking the ocean. It's day like those that make me realize I actually like LA.
We only rode bikes once, which is rare when company comes because it is easier to get around on the bike than try to find parking by the beach. Our bike riding was cut short when we all three almost wiped out within a three minute time span. I take that back, Jessica and I DID wipe out. We were crossing the busy intersection on Lincoln and Pico, almost to my house, when Kendra followed me across the road as I saw the light turn yellow and thought I should signal her to wait. I was a few seconds too late as I hear car horns from the cars turning directly into where Kendra is riding. Thankfully she makes it across safely as the pedestrians look at us like we were idiots. We wait a few minutes for the light to turn green and for Jessica's passing of the tricky intersection. I continue to ride towards my house as a green honda comes speeding from an alleyway and takes my bike down. My cat like reflexes and graceful demeanor prevent me from getting hurt, it may have been the two pints of Pliny as well, and I am unscratched. I wish I could say the same for Austin's rim. As I am waving the shocked reckless driver back off of Austin's bike, using some language not fit for a lady such as myself, Jessica arrives to the scene laughing hysterically because a pedestrian with a suitcase just wiped her out causing yet another scene in the intersection. The beer gods were telling us to walk from now on!!! That was our only near death experience for the whole trip, which I would say is pretty good considering what we could have gotten into.
All in all, it was a great Staycation Spring Break and I am so happy I got to hang out with my "girlfriend" (I am saying that in my favorite high pitch Kendra voice)! Austin and I are heading to Reno, NV tomorrow to meet up with his parents and do some skiing in Squaw Valley!! I am looking forward to some fun exercise (I am talking about skiing) and gambling. I am sure we will drink some beer too! Now I am enjoying a glass of Sea Monster Imperial Stout and about to finally get some rest, but not for long, it's going to be an early morning. Until next time, Cheers!

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  1. this made me laugh so hard (bike wipeouts) that the cats came running in my bedroom to look at me funny!