Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brown Sunday

My goal for this year was to post at LEAST once every month. That has obviously failed pretty successfully (what do you expect? This is a blog about me drinking beer).

I am going to move on regardless of my little new years eve goal set back.
Currently, I should be studying for two exams that I have in the next few days. One regarding Ancient Mesoamerica, the other focusing on the historical landscape of the United States. Instead, I am going to write about yummy beers.
We have all been not so patiently awaiting Pliny the Younger release from Russian River. This is their triple IPA released once a year, and draws quite a crowd.
As you should know, I HATE CROWDS. So, Aussy and I have been trying to find the bars that are "secretly" tapping a keg. The problem is.. it is a secret... and therefore it is really hard to find!
I am currently drinking a Black Tuesday, and glad I skipped dessert today because this is sufficing.

In other news, Austin and I are planning a spring break trip to Costa Rica. A really awesome work friend of mine is from Costa Rica and is planning to show us the ropes.

Graduation appears to be around the corner. I am hopefully taking my last required upper division courses for UCLA in Spain. I have signed up for their travel study program.

I will try to keep you all up to date.... but no promises!!!

P.S. my best friend Jessica has moved to lake Tahoe after one AWESOME year in Los Angeles. It has only been like two weeks, but I miss her like crazy!


  1. yep, I said like twice in the same sentence

  2. aww i was excited to read your blog and then saw my shout out and felt so warm and fuzzzzzy up here in cold Lake Tahoe... i miss you mae :( move closer to meee love you!